Wonderful little shop. You can find old mining lanterns to antique skiis and jewelry. I purchased a few items for table decor at an upcoming mountain wedding and was very happy with what I found here. If you’re looking for something in particular than be sure to ask because it may be underneath something to the side behind something else. haha, have fun and check out the old school cocktail rings-they are vintage and really cool.
Cait B.

This shop looks small from the outside , but it is quite large. Great, varied, well organized treasures await you ! Dishes, glasses, clothes, children’s items , games and much more. Staff is very helpful . Cindy found me the perfect dress for a 1920’s event. Really fun shop to explore.
Carla M.

Absolutely gorgeous store! very organized! easy to browse. The store goes on and on! Literally something for everyone. And the staff is helpful and upbeat!
Cynthia B.

This is a treasure trove of fun! So much to look at. I started at the back and wound my way to the front through all the little nooks and crannys. There is everything from hand made crafts, western, antiques and vintage. Give yourself at least an hour and enjoy!
Nina A.

Seriously this was in my top three antique stores I have ever visited! There is a good variety of stuff to find and it is all displayed to well and uniquely that your eye is drawn to everything! It was a lot of fun looking through all the rooms of this little place. It is bigger though than it appears from the outside. Good quality finds!!
Carri M.